"Our startup was created in the 1970s and since then it has never stopped renovating, with new projects, new ideas and commitment to what it does."


Marco Tadini started his career creating and producing pieces of costume jewelry in the 1970s. Marco’s unquenchable thirst for knowledge and freedom, his curiosity for new materials and forms and his need for breaking the rules led him to discover new crafts and, eventually, the leather market.

Marco developed into an original and explosive artist thanks to training, original thinking and nonconformism. Marco’s creativity brought to light original products, completely different from what the strict and sometimes boring leather market traditionally had offered.

His talent and techniques didn’t go unnoticed: the production of what initially was a craft shop soon evolved into a company operating beyond national borders.

in a moment of great success, Marco Tadini sold his brand and embarked on a new journey. He started working in international fashion companies and reached new goals that he could not have reached relying exclusively upon his intuition. More than 15 years of consulting allowed him to discover new places, meet new people and find elements that boosted his successful and extraordinary career.

A new jump into the unknown. With his experience on his side, Marco bought back his brand and in 2017 he started a new adventure.

He reinvented himself and his creativity thrived. In the meanwhile, a burning desire to pass down his project motivated him.

Marco put himself in the frontline of the production and distribution sector of his company.

By doing so, he fell in love once more with what he did, and he discovered how far his imagination could get him, always surrounding himself with people he trusted.

We craft our products in Milan, in our lab. Bologna hosts our office, the incubator where our ideas grow and where nothing is impossible.

We are friends working together passionately to spread our project. We have finally understood that there is place for us, and that there will always be a place for those who can and want to do something, for those with passion and knowledge.

For those who want to show that they can do it. Despite everything.