Our products have been expertly manufactured using carefully selected quality leathers processed using natural methods: any apparent imperfections are actually unique natural features.

In order to safeguard its original quality, please do not expose the item to heat and/or humidity sources and avoid rubbing it against irregular surfaces which may cause abrasions.

If the item gets wet, dry it immediately with a dry soft, neutral cloth and let it dry in a well-ventilated place.

Use a specific, non-aggressive product to clean your leather item. They can be easily found in supermarkets but, should you not find them, use a cleaning milk or a neutral cream and a lightly moistened cloth to clean the product. Please do not use any solvent as it can permanently damage the texture.

Clean the fabric with specific products for the upkeep of sofas and carpets.

Such an exceptional material certainly qualifies for a little nurturing and, if you keep our guide in mind, your leather will last a lifetime.